Thursday, May 14, 2009

Greeting Fiberlicious Fans!
It's been a busy month for me. Spring cleaning is always a chore, but so worth it! There's just nothing like the feeling of having a clean slate to keep the creative juices flowing! These last two weeks have brought me turquoise, turquoise and more turquoise! Such a fun, lively color! I dyed some BFL roving with turquoise and blues leaving some whites and it is so crisp and fresh! It's been so fun! Now, I can't stop and almost need to order more dye. I also dyed up the colors I need to replace the batts that sold in my shop, but haven't got to them yet, as the turquoise is playing front and center...they will come. They are sitting there..calling to me tho. I finally ordered "glitz" to add to my batts..for those of you who enjoy "glitz". I just don't so much..but we will see..seems it's all the rage. I think it will open up some new batt ideas for me I tend to think more is more in batts...I hope someone stops me when I add the dryer lint..ok no I won't. ..but gee..there is a ton of stuff that can go into them. I'm anxious to throw some black thread in with some of that least.

The May fiberlicious give away is still planned. So please sign up! I still need to add another prize to my "choice of 4" I think I will add some corespun I built. Stay tuned! and Sign up!

I have been taking the time to market my business on-line more. There is so much behind the scenes work that goes into it. I have learned a lot, and continue to be confused about a lot, but it is a journey, and I think it's gonna be a long ride Fred! It all takes time, and I am busy already!

I was very excited recently to be able to get my new banner and all the related graphics for my Etsy shop. I had an absolute grand time working with a graphic artist, a student from Jerusalem, Israel. Ran has a shop on etsy here:
He did a terrific job, and is a fantastic artist! No cut and paste, he hand draws his graphics and they are so cute! That's one of his girls up on the right. Check out his flickr account for more of his work. I highly recommend him.

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