Friday, February 27, 2009

Adventures in Fiber and Tips

I've learned so many things while on my fiber adventure. I have bought some books, searched the net, taken classes and done tons of trial and error "experiments" on my own. All of these efforts have helped me to learn more about this age old craft. And although I am still fairly new along this path, maybe some of my efforts can help you along your journey as well.

When I first decided I would play around and "experiment" with fiber, one of the things that intrigued me was the simple fact that I was going to be able to produce beautiful yarns...from my kitchen! Yes, visions of Martha Stewart and Erma Bombeck danced through my head and I was even more intrigued! I have been a fan of both women, not to the extent of building my own kitchen table and chairs in an afternoon..but I have laughed until I thought my butt was falling off! Let's ignore the fact that they really don't have anything to do with my fiber journey...I was excited to be doing more than making candles or brownies or clean laundry in my kitchen.

Although I did study and successfully produce lacto bacillius on my kitchen counter, (until I thought my family was going to throw me out on the street)..I thought that was enough micro science, grown in my kitchen, for me...until one day.........(who does this?) I am going to just flat out admit, that my intrigue was not only in producing beautiful yarns from kitchen, but was closely followed by......"with food coloring and Koolaid!". When I first read about KoolAid..I wondered what cave had I been living in? How was it that didn't I know about this? Nope, only lacto bacillius? ok. (the lacto was for my compost pile, having no access to animal manure..lacto is the heat)

I remember years ago trying to dye some fabric found at a tag sale, in a washing machine with Rit..they really didn't come out..and were too ugly to look at...and that was enuf dyeing for me..(now I know the difference between what fibers acid dyes will dye and what fibers it will not)..except for Easter Eggs...every year...go buy the little box with the tablets so the kids and I could dye eggs.....didn't have a clue, that my little food color bottles would work just as well. I didn't take the time to know or care. And maybe I did know and just forgot? Very possible too. Kids, husband, jobs, dogs, bills, cooking, cleaning I didn't have time, and just needed a nap.

So if you are simple folk too, trying to work your way through the maze of all that is fiber, I am so glad you are, as I know the joy I have experienced along my path, and hope you are feeling the love too. If you are an old hand and feel free enough to share some of your knowledge, please do so! Blogging about this will be fun, and hopefully an opportunity for growth and goodness. Please feel free to comment and add to my online body of work. Any feedback and positive, helpful information is welcome!

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