Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hand Carded Superfine Merino, Silk, Bamboo - My English Garden

This fun over the top batt, was inspired when I dyed some Merino pink and mixed and blended into the prettiest peach colors here and there. It hung around my studio catching my eye and making my brain stretch. Then I spied some peach bamboo I had dyed and stuck in my stash a few weeks ago...I thought that would look pretty together. After looking through a few books..I had added the rose in my mind..and then someone said "it's spring green is so nice in the spring time", mint green, check! The blue violet was a last minute decision, but I couldn't let it rest there either..cuz I found some pink firestar in my stash that needed a happy home, and found it at last! all came together to make My English Garden. I am anxious to try this color way in other fibers. If I wasn't exhausted I would be out spinning my sample right now..oh well..another time. I wish I had a better camera, or more camera knowledge... these pictures do not do this reality justice. I changed the original photo out for this one. This depicts the actual colors as I see them with my eyes.

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