Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Angora Bunny Fur is FUN!

Angora bunny, merino 64, merino 19, corriedale, merino bamboo, and Angora did I mention Angora?
I'm so bad itching to spin some of this..I might have remnants left to try...sat down this a.m. to drum up my "sample" batt ..ended up with another 1.5 ounces! nother surprise surprise but no spin yet.
It's 20 degrees and I know I shouldn't be complaining..folks in N. Dak and Minn. having it rough with weather..I know I just get so tired of it this time of year..and it's gets harder and harder to be patient for spring.....Last year was a very long cooler spring here, so we are ready for some of that Old Montana Nice Spring Weather!...Pray for rain tho as well, I'm sure our precipation is behind. So, I'm just gonna dream about some nice warm Hawian type I always do this time of year. AND looking forward to planting some lettuce in a box I made last year. I bought 2 clear plastic house recess protectors..(i don't know what they are called but you attach them above windows on lower than grade level buildings to keep off the water I guess) anyways..I twisted some garden wire through holes..and it makes an awesome hard plastic tent that will fit in my box...I already bought the lettuce seeds. Three weeks from seed I can be eating lettuce..yummy! I have to put a roll of garden twist tie stuff on my shopping list....That is magic! I love growing vines and tieing up my plants to manipulate where they go..I couldn't get through a summer without my garden wire. Throw the roll in my pocket and off I go to bondify my plants! For two years now I've grown morning glory, and every year it gets monsterous. The vine grows and grows and grows and you have to wait and wait and wait for those beautiful huge blooms. By the time the morning glories get ready to bloom, my roses have given me 2-3 cuttings already. Then there's my compost pile..don't even get me started on that! and Kombashi? I probably need to spell that correctly..but I discovered how I could grow compost heat in my kitchen..and Kombashi just naturally followed. It's really green, but not literally! Too fun. You'll just have to wait now's too cold yet! You probably need a hat or a scarf still don't you?

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