Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fiber Color Madness - help this Sistah out!

Happy sunny morning cheers to all you good people! Today, I'm a rambling snogger...incessant snore like my mind..then I get here and I start to feel all nakey and shy...wth? Forget all that I was GONNA tell ya...I'll snog along and maybe it will come back to me...zzzzzzzz

I could sure use some suggestions to complete this color way..or at least begin to get it off the ground...I am trying to dye gray...and ta dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! dark purple...(who set that dye there?..)..zzz type of brainfart
Purple means girly...girl to me (my man don't won't even consider a purple anything..except business shirt rare/occasionally) what?
on to more attempts at gray..........
I got this terrific steely gray..I am in love with this color - this is corriedale wools.
but now what???? I'm stuck
So what I have is gray.. need more than one additional color suggestion....teal, or spruce type green keeps floating through my head..wondering if thats a cool color or warm...I may have to go to just a light gray to bring in some warmth...hmmmmmmmmmmm? or zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
Maybe I'm just confused.
And don't forget to support your local food share, alot of folks in need out there now, do what you can, when ya can, however ya can. Don't forget everyone has a dream, to be warm and full might be my own one day.
Please leave me color advice...taking all and any color input, I might have to rock off and dye some thing fire engine red then where am I gonna be?

I popped out these two alpaca and wool head bands..up to Etsy they go.

I hope the increased sunlight in your days warms your hearts....Hope for spring! And don't forget to be greatful for SOMETHING!


Ny said...

Fire engine red would be perfect Ny. You go girl!

Talking Horses Arts said...

Have you tried Adirondack inks? ( The color wash ones not the alcohol ones) They give wonderful warm earthy colors.
I leave my wool in a crock pot with them for about two hours.

Ny said...

I have not even heard of Adirondack inks..can you tell me where I can read about them? My crock pots and I do not get along...they boil my I had to give them the boot! :)