Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!

Yesterday brought the end to my MARCH FIBERLICIOUS GIVEAWAY! Thank you all for participating! I appreciate your interest and peeks at my works. And now the winner for March picked by random number generator is:
Congratulations playswithclay!
I hope you enjoy your free gift, and I also hope you will be agreeable to a small profile here on my blog where I can showcase your shop and goods.

EVERYONE, please sign up for the new APRIL FIBERLICIOUS GIVEAWAY, by commenting here on my blog, or convo. me thru my etsy shop.

And on to other news:
Well, it's official..we are doing the tax countdown. We always wait until the last minute..why? I ask myself why every year, swear not to do it next year and do it anyway. Like some oppositional child...well, I guess at least we pay them...unlike some potential cabinet members..or wait..all potential appointees. my gawd. If that were you or me? We'd be hauled off so quick it would make our heads spin. The rich really are different. ha ok on to a less SOUR note...

I'm blog you can see..not many posts.. I will try to do better. I have been very busy working and doing fiberlicious things, and alas have been called for jury duty next week...just terrific! I've been called for jury duty so many times it's ridiculous. I wish my random chances for winning the lottery were as good!..random..right! Now in the town we live in..they call you on the phone..instead of mailing you the notice. I think that speaks loudly..and I've got that number now so next time..tee heehee, we will see. Better be an interesting murder case is all I can say, but I won't hold out too much hope.
good lord fred

Ok all you good people, keep on keeping on and I'll be back to post more I promise!
:) Ny.

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