Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Merino Tencel - My New Love!!!

What a blast I've had this week!!!! I was very dutiful and reported to my jury duty Mon. 9 a.m. find out it was canceled...yes they had called me...did I get the message..well of course not...that would have been too easy. Better instead to work like a beaver to get all my ducks in a include..pulling my Wild Iris down from ilash and plying it with some gorgeous black peruvian I had spun weeks sense having time with nothing for my hands to do...had to drag out the good old dependable gold lamme knitting gawd!...finding my way out of the parking garage was at top speed..almost missed the exit. Then off to pick up our taxes..yes.. no worries now about debtors prison..just the simple fact that because THIS year we didn't pay the "new" $30, we'll save your hide lawyer will just have to subpeona their snot noses when that day comes...I say to the young girl..."didn't you used to do that for free?"...uh huh..thats what I thought...WHATEVER, I'm a gambler at heart!..I took it. taxes bleck!

The blast part came when I had an order from a special lady in California for her 3rd head band. She wants a lighter weight pink one for spring. I just love her!!!! She reminds me often about how if/when her hair is a mess..but it don't matter she puts her head band on, not a problem...and it kills me because it is just so true, for me too! Some people really can't leave the house without a little primping to the hair..then there's some people who just fly..they just have to go ..and now..and well no time for primping, ok maybe 4 flat seconds. First thing I did was set out to dye some pink..and felted 4 ounces of merino...
I'm fighting a virus...and regardless that kinda irked me. I scratch my head and wonder if anyone would want this..could it be "used" by someone???? make mental note to try and connect with more felters!!! Or stop procrastinating and felt something myself!!! Its 4 oz. I'm tired already! If your reading this and are interested in some cheap dark salmon red merino that is half felted..let me know!
Managed to dye some superfine pink and a pretty salmon..then started eyeing that merino!!! dyed it 2 pinks..and I was off... the photo above is the's the last that I will spin of this run...the rest is on my spool so beautiful!
I will keep ya'all posted with some pics...

Think about getting a head band..they are awesome!!!

Thanks to those who signed up for the drawing!! I've received your info, and your in! Keep checking ilash designs for new listings. I'll be back at the dye pots as soon as I put down my loom, (and get to feeling better..grrrr!) and the BIG NEWS is...I have an artist in the works for my new store banner and other graphics..and it is so cool!!! I am so excited!!! This is just not ANY fun at all! I will feature him here, when it is done for anyone who's interested in him. I think he's a terrific artist!!

You all have a good day! Till next time...keep on keeping on! :) Ny.

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